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Every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at The Create Place


Grafik Bites

We can teach you a graphic software in 3 weeks

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Discover how to easily modify pictures, how to improve your digital artworks, how to retouching a portrait, how to...

Into photography?

We got you sorted: let's talk about it!

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Learn how to create eye catching illustrations, how to simplify the complexity, how to colour and to use type...

The creative type, ah?

We have the right vectors to suit you!

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I want to

The Best Image Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop

1000 times more powerful than Instagram

Pics Enhancement

From light improvement to colour adjustments, it’s like shooting your pictures again!


Easily learn the tricks to completely change the expression of a person and how to apply realistic makeup

Special effects

Add light rays, create clouds, merge pictures, transform trees. You are only limited by your imagination

The King Of Vector Graphic


Discover the power of simplicity

Forget the pixels

In Illustrator it’s possible to create wonders from nothing, all you see are defined by numbers (no math required) !

Project for print

Get ready to stop using Microsoft Word FOREVER. Once you try to layout a grid with Illustrator, you cannot go back

Design for your life

Icons, buttons, portfolios, logos, business cards, websites, slides, paintings, presentations… You name it, Illustrator can do it

each lesson is
hour long
the course last for

never more than
work on

Learning, revolutionised

From Zero to Hero

Illustrator and Photoshop can be tricky to learn by yourself, so let us show you how to master them. It doesn’t matter if you never open this softwares before. And if you know your way around it already, you’ll know it better. Guaranteed!

Down to earth teaching

We love what we teach. And we want you to share the same enthusiasm by the end of the workshop. We’ll not give you pretentious lecturers full of terms and graphic rules only a designer would understand.

everyone’s welcome

Wether you are the guitarist of a punk band, or a student, or a banker, or you just retired: you will always be welcome here. We encourage everyone to come and try what it means to be a graphic designer and what you can achieve with very little knowledge of an Adobe software. So don’t be shy and join us for the next workshop!

Learn by doing, not by listening

You will not need to take endless pages of notes about the lesson. Simply sit down, relax and look what’s going on in front of you. Learning by doing is thousands of times for efficient than learning by studying, and it will makes your course experience enjoyable and totally stress-free.

50+ lesson files

Access an archive of more than 50 exercise files and 30 pictures. And everything it’s conveniently stored online, so that you can download it at any time you want.

UTD Bibliography

A long list of books will be realised at the end of the workshop, so that after the workshop is over you can keep all that knowledge fresh with eye-catching graphic books.

Take control of the lesson

You will choose which pictures to use for the exercises, you will select the chapter you like. There isnt’s any strict schedule, the instructor will modify the lesson depending from the student’s question! You’ll never breath this much democracy anywhere else!

20 minutes rule

We introduced a rule: every 20 minutes, the instructor should stand up and get closer to the audience, engaging the students and animating the classroom. We think this will help you forget that you are learning and have fun doing it instead. Don’t believe it? Bring along a stopwatch!

What the students think of Grafik Bites:

It was fun and creative, I got to learn a lot of tricks and shortcuts in a very short time. The instructor was very keen to share his knowledge and was very patient and helpful at all times!
Grafik Bites / Illustrator Edition
I went from zero to feeling confident and motivated in 4 weeks! And I can start to expand my design portfolio with just a few basic tools
Shrina K.
Grafik Bites / Photoshop edition
The instructor was really good, he was really patient and he was explaining everthing in details. Really satisfied
Rossella C.
Grafik Bites / Photoshop Edition
I learnt a great deal. The instructor was always ready to give me advice and encouragement on projects that I had done on my own. It was a worthwhile experience.
Ada N.
Grafik Bites / Photoshop Edition
I found [the instructor] very friendly and informative. He has extensive knowledge of photoshop, colour theory and design in general and can explain all the terminology very well in simple terms
Marie G.
Grafik Bites / Photoshop Edition
From having an ok understanding of Photoshop I feel a lot more confidence in what I can create with it now. It was a great learning experience overall, being in a small group and having a tutor for 3 hours. That's rare in London!
Vipul B.
Grafik Bites / Photoshop Edition

The Schedule

Be aware: you define the topics, not us!



Retouching like a pro

Every other month starting from February

@ The Create Place
in London





What’s happening this month

  • Intro

    Meet your instructor and start learing the ABC of Photoshop

  • Adjusting Pictures

    Discover the most common mistakes committed in photography and how to fix them

  • Retouching People

    No, no plastic surgery involved, we’ll see how to modify portraits

  • Composing & editing

    Finally, let’s learn some trick to create spectacular compositions in a couple of clicks!

coloursgrid & layouttypography


Let’s talk about design

Every other month starting from January

@ The Create Place

in London





What’s happening this month

  • Intro

    Meet your instructor and explore the basic of Illustrator

  • Tools’ tips and secrets

    Each and every button in the software will give you a different super power

  • Simplify with vectors

    Let’s visualise the concept of simplicity and see how to draw virtually everything using your creative side

  • Hand on a projecy

    Create something from screen to print: You decide what! We’ll help you all the way to the end!

Less Talk More Action

These are extremely practical classes and you will constantly move your mouse around.


All of this, for £25

Having an interest is different than having a passion. This is your opportunity to overview the graphic design world, at a super affordable price


The classes are held every first Wednesday of the month (excluding festive days)
This workshop is held at

The Create Place
Address: 29 Old Ford Rd, London E2 9PJ
Phone:020 3022 5612

Simply clic this button and select the day you want to attend:

Enroll now
To be sure of reserving a seat you should book through the website. If you are not able to, join our waiting list on the event booking page!
No, you don’t. We would love to see you every Wednesday, but you have no obligations so you can attend only the lessons that interest you the most. Also, you can come and leave at your please during any lesson.
Yes, exercise files and theory slides are accessible on this website to the students the day prior the lesson. The lessons are extremely practical but they consist also of theory moments with engaging presentations and cheerful slides to relax the eyes from the screens.

If you would like to receive updates, you can join the students newsletter: you will remain in the list until the next workshop and then the newsletter will be reset: this way you will never receive updates you don’t want to read!

Grafik Bites it’s hosted by The Create Place, which is part of the no profit organisation St. Margaret House. We only charge £25/month to support the rent expenses.

Yes, if you intend to follow the practice part of the lessons (about 99% of the whole workshop). We suggest you to bring your own laptop and a mouse, as well as a power lead if your computer’s battery can’t last longer than 4 hours.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with softwares licenses. You should download and install the free trials available from the Adobe website prior attending the classes.

The version used during the lesson by the instructors is the latest available from the Adobe website, but we suggest the students to install the software version they prefer. It’s advisable not to use any version prior CS5 (2010).

Photoshop and Illustrator are cross operating system so you can follow the lesson either from a MAC or a PC.
You are free to download the files or not, although we suggest to do it as the workshop makes heavy use of the online material.
The password is revealed at the beginning of each lesson
A monthly participation certificate is issued upon attending at least 4 consecutive lessons


Photoshop’s Edition Files

Please download the files prior arriving at the class

Download Now!

Illustrator’s Edition Files

Please download the files prior arriving at the class

Download Now!


You can upload your own pictures and modify them with the instructor during the lesson!

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