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6-10 May 2019


Grafik Week 5

A week-long university grade course to discover the basic components of communication design:
photography, typography, colours, grid systems and creativity.
This and much, much more, totally free.

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Edit your pictures content

Learn how to draw vectors

Master the art of colours

Design your own print material

Speak through design

Come and learn


the leading picture retouching software, made easy

Pics Enhancement

From light improvement to colour adjustments, this is the ABC of digital photography


Easily learn the tricks to completely change the expression of a person and how to apply some realistic makeup

Special effects

Add light rays, create clouds, merge pictures, transform trees. You are only limited by your imagination

click your mouse
times, everyday

design for

work on

discover the beauty of


The king of graphic software and arguably the hardest to master

Raster vs Vectors

Understand the versatility of vectors to build any design project

From a line…

Learn how you can design virtually anything starting from a single line

…to a complete project

Vectorise your projects and quickly draft your first artworks

More than just learning

From Zero to Hero

Illustrator and Photoshop can be tricky to learn by yourself, so let us show you how to master them. It doesn’t matter if you never open this softwares before. And if you know your way around it already, you’ll know it better. Guaranteed!

Down to earth teaching

We love what we teach. And we want you to share the same enthusiasm by the end of the workshop. We’ll not give you pretentious lecturers full of terms and graphic rules only a designer would understand.

Take control of the lesson

You will choose which pictures to use for the exercises, you will select the chapter you like and if you want to examine in depth something is not in the program, the next day the instructor will prepare a presentation ad hoc for you.

20 minutes rule

We introduced a rule: every 20 minutes, the instructor should stand up and get closer to the audience, engaging the students and animating the classroom. We think this will help you forget that you are learning and have fun doing it instead. Don’t believe it? Bring along a stopwatch!

100+ lesson files

Access an archive of more than 100 exercise files and hundreds of pictures. And everything it’s conveniently stored online, so that you can download it at any time you want.

UTD Bibliography

A long list of books will be realised at the end of the lessons, so that after the workshop is over you can keep all that knowledge fresh with eye-catching graphic books.

everyone’s welcome

Wether you are the guitarist of a punk band, or a student, or a banker, or you just retired: you will always be welcome here. We encourage everyone to come and try what it means to be a graphic designer and what you can achieve with very little knowledge of an Adobe software. So don’t be shy and join us for the next workshop!

Learn by doing

You will not need to take endless pages of notes about the lesson. Simply sit down, relax and look what’s going on in front of you. Learning by doing is thousands of times for efficient than learning by studying, and it will makes your course experience enjoyable and totally stress-free.


The aGWards

We created a series of achievable awards that will be assign to the students that engage the most during the workshop. Will you win the jackpot?

Check your Progress

The Schedule

Either partecipate at the lessons for the whole week
or come and visit us only when we talk about topics you love

Day 1


Starts at 14:30

Classroom A102

DISI, Trento

Povo 1





What’s happening today

  • Presentation

    Quick introduction to the workshop and your personal coach

  • Photoshop basic

    From the interface to the effect menu, let’s start to explore what this software has to offer

  • Photography

    Discover the most common mistakes in photography and how to fix them

  • Retouching (part 1)

    Time to proceed to the next level and understand the power of pixel manipulation

Day 2


Starts at 14:30

Classroom A101

DISI, Trento

Povo 1




Beginner to intermediate

What’s happening today

  • Retouching (part 2)

    Let’s continue what we left behind on day 1 and take a few moments to analyse what we have learnt so far

  • Design techniques

    An in deep panorama of the secret used in the graphic design world to take advantage of Photoshop

  • Composition

    We are going to work some magic with the immensity of the effects menu

  • Portrait

    Everyone was waiting for this moment: how to change face expressions

Day 3


Starts at 14:30

Classroom A102

DISI, Trento

Povo 2





What’s happening today

  • Intro to Illustrator

    ABC of the softfare and quick explanation of the differences with his brother Photoshop

  • Vector

    Let’s get ready to be shocked by the phenomenal potential of vectors manipulation

  • The power of simplicity

    Time for some graphic design tips to enhance the way you see the world (no kidding)

  • Can you draw? Yes you can

    Drawing in Illustrator is not like drawing on a sheet of paper. Let’s see why

Day 4

and Colours

Starts at 14:30

Classroom A102

DISI, Trento

Povo 1




Intermediate to advanced

What’s happening today

  • Fonts, eplained

    Not the theory of font you imagine. Let’s put font in practice to truly understand them

  • Logos and Mockups

    If you know how to simplify, you know how to draw. And you can design your own logo

  • Colour psychology

    Did you know why red is never used in hospitals? Colour choice can be dangerous.

  • Job and real life tips

    It’s important to know what to expect at the end of the Uni – and how to deal with it

Day 5


Starts at 14:30

Classroom A101

DISI, Trento

Povo 1




intermediate to advanced

What’s happening today

  • Quick overview

    Wow we have seen a lot already, time to stop and summarise what we achieved

  • Creativity

    What is it and how you can use it to improve your quality life and self esteem.

  • Conclusion

    You will be exausthed but hopefully happy of what you discovered in just 5 days

  • Networking

    Or, better said, pizza time: let’s take to occasion to meet new friends and have a laugh

All of this, totally free

Having an interest is different than having a passion. Maybe you just want to try something new, see if you like it and eventually take it to the next level. This is your opportunity to overview the graphic design world, without the usual market price tag.

What the students think of Grafik Week:

The Grafic Week is a really interesting event. […] Very good teacher: willing, prepared and likeable. […] Experience to do again, recommended for all who want to learn the basic of Adobe's most important programs but also for persons who already know about it and want to improve their abilities.
Marco Giordano M.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
This was not my first time [attending Grafik Week]... and I've learned something new anyway. friendly climate also w/so many people
Martin B.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
Very well organised course. Intense, motivating and enthralling. What I liked the most were the slides in Illustrator, with which one could interact
Alessio R.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I learnt many more efficient way of working with these softwares than the ways I've always been used.
Federico C.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I learned exactly what i wanted to know, in a extremly short period of time and i had a lot of fun doing it
Daniele G.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
In a small amount of time I learned so many things very easily, thanks to the instructor which made the workshop easy to follow, funny and very practical
Andrea M.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
Even if I already participated to the last edition of the workshop, it helped a lot to remind me what I learned and to learn new things too.
Samuel G.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
Because in just a week we learnt the basis of Photoshop and Illustrator, in addition we got involved in exciting activities such as photo editing and creation of a logo that allows us to see in practice how to use these programs. Also the last day we had the opportunity to ask the tutor to get into details on specific topics on our demand and I think it was very useful. Another thing I really appreciated was the fact that the tutor shared with us his expertise regarding job interviews and exercises to train creativity
Elena S.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
You gave us much more than you think =) Great experience behind this man 😉 thank you so much again!
Marco P.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
It was everything I ever wanted from the University (and I never had until now). It was good to be part of the "thing" instead of just listening to someone talking.
Tommaso M.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
It was amazing and I learned a lot of things. Now I'm studying graphic design to improved my skills.
Katerina Y.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
Awesome workshop , awesome instructor , and awesome new skill!
Valentino A.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
The exercises were clear and they allow me to learn the use of all the tools in the softwares
Matteo B.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I really enjoyed this class and the format it was presented in. I think [the instructor] find the perfect balance between theory, practice and fun too. I've found every lesson well planned and interesting. I had already used Ps and Ai before the course but I actually think I've learned a lot of new skills. Thank you a lot.
Ilaria G.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
The program is various and the practical examples are valuables to learn many features!
Marco F.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I've learned a lot of things about design and creativity, more in just one week than the last 3 years of University. During the classes, the instructor had the skills of a professor and the openness of a friend. That's my ideal teacher.
Filippo Alberto S.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I think the lessons were clear and comprehensible even for those who have never used the programs before. [...] The instructor was able to keep our attention with creative exercises and all the topics covered were interesting.
Anna O.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I reached a good preparation in photoshop and illustrator starting from zero in only 5 days
Davide B.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
This solution is probably the best to learn the basic of graphic design in less than one week
Luca S.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
The event is incredibly useful, funny and informative. I recommend it every year to my friends.
Michele R.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I already knew most of the topics, I liked the way the instructor teach us, he make the lesson very engaging and covered the most important parts of graphic design rules. It was useful and fun.
Sabina L.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I like the way the instructor explains and makes the students have fun and learn at the same time
Luisa Z.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
The course was easy to follow, interesting, funny!
Alberto D.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
This is the best! Carry it on!
Chen Z.
Grafik Wek 15 student / University of Trento
The teacher was very prepared and explained the arguments with great clarity, enthusiasm and professionalism at the same time. If only things were always like this! 😉
Federico Z.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
The instructor created something amazing and definitely worth attending. The enthusiasm he brought to the class was incredible and I almost didn't feel the 5 hours in front of the computer every day. Overall, it was fun and it covered a lot of things I didn't even know existed. It was worth the headache in the evening. I liked that the instructor started from the basics and he didn't jump in doing something but instead took the time to explain the various tools while still having fun with the little games he created to understand everything.
Monica P.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I already attended the previous workshop (spring 2015) and I enjoy both new exercises and theory and also the ones already tried. I needed to practice to better understand how to use at the best what I learnt 6 months ago. Perfect class mood, easy and useful lessons, very good teacher's English pronunciation, easier to understand than other professors ones.
Nicola Z.
Grafik Week 15 students / University of Trento
Absolutely interesting, and the instructor it's a very great person!!
Andrea B.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
Very fun course and useful indeed, I wish I could have attended more!
Luca P.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento
I've never opened either Photoshop or Illustrator before this workshop because I was scared of them. Now I can easily follow the online tutorial without being put off
Chiara D.
Grafik Week 15 student / University of Trento

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Day 1

With this maxi collection of pictures you are ready to test out the incredible Photoshop’s features that we are going to reveal at the beginning of the course

Not Ready Yet 🙁

Day 2

Let’s take on a few portraits and start change expressions and makeups. Here you can find a selection of pictures for the portrait part of the lesson

Not Ready Yet 🙁

Day 3

Get your hand on the massive collection of exercises of the Illustrator part of the workshop.

Not Ready Yet 🙁

Day 4

The second part of the Illustrator collection is here – we recommend merging the files into a single fodler

Not Ready Yet 🙁

Day 5

On the last day we’ll need pictures, vector graphics and tons of other material to start creating full dynanic project to print, post, upload or simply use on your computer

Not Ready Yet 🙁

A crew better
than the A-Team

the best available creative mercenaries

Max Dellai

Founder & Lead Instructor

Emanuele Nardi

Marketing Manager

Samuel Giacomelli

Team Leader

Andrea Montagner

Backend Coordinator

Nicola Garau

Team Leader

Giulio Dallatorre



The next workshop is held from the 14th to the 18th of May 2018

The workshop is held in Trento, Italy at the DISI, Povo

You can book the tickets here:

No, you don’t. We would love to see you everyday, but you have no obligations so you can attend only the lectures that interest you the most. Also, you can come and leave at your please during any lesson. BUT please bear in mind that the participation certificate is only released to who has attended at least 4 days
Yes. The lectures are given in English, as well as all the slides, exercises, software interface and didactic material. If you need help the instructors will stop, explain it to you again and even use your own native language if necessary. There is also a large amount of visual slides and all the lessons are backed with live projections of the instructor’s screen.
Yes, exercise files and theory slides are accessible on this website to the students the day prior the lesson. The lessons are extremely practical but they consist also of theory moments with engaging presentations and cheerful slides to relax the eyes from the screens.

If you would like to receive updates, you can join the students newsletter: you will remain in the list until the next workshop and then the newsletter will be reset: this way you will never receive updates you don’t want to read!

Yes, no joke. Grafik Week relies on public donations and on the hosting venues to maintain the service free. That’s why you are require to bring your own equipment.

Yes, if you intend to follow the practice part of the lessons (about 99% of the whole workshop). We suggest you to bring your own laptop and a mouse, as well as a power lead if your computer’s battery can’t last longer than 4 hours.

To aim maintaining the workshop completely free, we are not able to provide you with free softwares licenses. You should download and install the free trials available from the Adobe website prior attending the first day.

The version used during the lesson by the instructors is the latest available from the Adobe website, but we suggest the students to install the software version they prefer. It’s advisable not to use any version prior CS5 (2010).

Photoshop and Illustrator are cross operating system so you can follow the lesson either from a MAC or a PC.
You are free to download the files or not, although we suggest to do it as the workshop makes heavy use of the online material.
The password is revealed during the day that file is related to.
Yes, if you attend the whole workshop you will be given a digital participation certificate

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